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It is not just our tag-line, but Sauber literally means clean in German. By training our car wash experts we are playing a role in skill development of the Indian youth, making them competent in the job market. In addition, by providing part-time employment, we are acting as a catalyst in reducing the unemployment problem of India and improving the standard of living of our employees.

Our aim is to keep the country clean one car at a time & to revolutionise and formalize the car- wash industry in India.
  • We use professional equipment
  • Our team is well equipped and trained which is why we call them "Car Experts'
  • Customer satisfaction is non-negotiable for us.
  • Regular & professional maintenance will increase the resale value of your car.
  • Book and pay for all our services online.
  • We are quick in resolving customer grievances if they have any.
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  • Akshat Jalan
    Founder & Director

    Akshat is a commerce graduate with an honours degree in finance. He started his career as a trader with one of the leading proprietary trading companies in the world and has an experience of trading the Australian treasuries and bond markets. He is responsible for Operations, Public Relations & Business Development of Sauber.

Popular Questions

How often should I wash my car?

Weekly. Washing AT LEAST once a week will properly maintain the paint and exterior of your vehicle.

Is the wash safe for newly painted cars?

Yes. We use micro-fibre cloths and mild cleaners. Also, we use PH neutral products to avoid corrosion.

Will my valuables be safe if I leave it in the car?

Our staff is very professional and can be trusted.

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